Welcome To The Horde

Cardanorcs are a fantasy civilisation of unique non-fungible Orcs inspired by mythology, legacy and lore. In the context of the metaverse, Cardanorcs are NFTs that live on the Cardano Blockchain. We will soon release The Orctagon (Orc Metaverse) as a play-to-earn game! Live virtually as an Orc, farm resources, breed, battle, build kingdoms and interact with each other.

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In the ever expanding universe of the Cardano Blockchain, lives a ferocious existence, ‘Cardanorcs’ and their endless battle for survival.
Having been defeated and dethroned by other mystical creature for centuries in the past, the Horde made a pact to unite and select a leader to lead an army from the 8 great races in a battle to exterminate their enemies!
In their violence quest to control and become the supreme leader of the Orctagon, betrayal and treachery broke amongst the difference races and the battle among the Cardanorcs begins…
Their emergence will soon disrupt Cardano, are you prepared?

Legend Of The Cardanorcs

The 8 Mighty Races

Mountain Orc

Mountain Orc

Origin Orc

Origin Orc

Frost Orc

Frost Orc

Infernal Orc

Infernal Orc

Spirit Orc

Spirit Orc

Undead Orc

Undead Orc

Primordial Orc

Primordial Orc

Shadow Orc

Shadow Orc

The roadmap



Cardanorcs Genesis


3D Male Series

Cardanorcs Series 1


3d female series

Cardanorcs Series 2


NFT Breeding

Baby Cardanorcs Series


metaverse project

Land NFT Series

The Team

Full Stack Developer


Edan is an art obsessed, chocoholic bookworm. He can be seen being a little over ambitious  and talks about a dozen new ideas every other day . During his spare time, Edan can be found “researching” on social media platforms. Thanks to Rida, the only thing he’s researching is about the Blockchain.

Founder & Creator


Rida loves to draw but just like any other asian child, society taught him that he won’t survive as an artist. His dedication to art took a turn into the right direction with the introduction of NFTs. Rida is now living his dream, sketching and conceptualizing characters to life. Most of all, he hopes that his mum sees this, Cardano LFG!

Creative Strategist


A passionate and inventive creative individual with excellent interpersonal skill. Dedicated, organised and methodical, Ryan have created many successful creative and marketing campaigns  over the past decade.  Now, the time has come for him to bring his knowledge and experience into the ‘Orctagon’.

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The Ancient Gatekeeper

Mountain Orcs are a huge and muscular race. They reside high above the mountains and evolved to have extremely tough skin.

The ruler of the mountain orc race is Margog, The Ancient Gatekeeper who guards the forbidden mountain which holds the sacred ore called Mithril that is used for forging powerful weapons and armour.


Mountain Orcs possess high intelligence & great dexterity, making them master tinkerers known for inventing tools and forging divine weapons.

They are usually equipped with a war hammer that doubles as a weapon and a tool for smithing. They are able to swing it with immense strength and ferocity.

Forbidden Mountain

Weapon Builders




The Lord of Origin

Origin orcs are a warrior race that have roamed across many territories. They have a typical dark green skin and possess excellent fighting skills.

Gifted with great survivability, origin orcs can easily adapt to their environment. Unlike the other races that are gifted with special abilities to change colour to blend in with the surrounding.

The ruler of this race is Ogruk, The Lord of Origin who inherited the skill of therianthropy which gives him mastery over all skills possessed by the entire race.


They are able to operate in any terrain and environment efficiently.

The Motherland and various other locations

Adaptive Skill Creation




The Emperor of Ice

Frost Orcs roamed the sub zero regions and obtained full mastery over the elemental powers of ice.

They are known to be collected and avoid unnecessary conflict whenever possible.

The ruler of the frost orcs is the Emperor of Ice. He absorbed a droplet of celestial water that froze over millenia and attained the aura of absolute zero.


The frost orcs able to create blizzards. and conjure ice weapons. When threatened, they are able to manipulate the ice and anything that come in contact will be frozen.

Frost Empire, Sub Zero Regions

Elemental Control – Frost




The Emperor of Flames

Infernal Orcs made a pact with the devil and have demon blood running through their veins.

The infernal orc race revels in power and has an obvious bloodlust for fighting. As such, they are infamous for being brutal, it is no surprise that they have been labelled as a seditious, prideful and aggressive race.

The ruler of the infernal orcs is Azazuz, The Emperor of Flames and he was the first of his kind to successfully summon an elder demon in exchange for his soul. After absorbing the demon’s curse, he attained the powers of hellfire and brutally commands his underlings.


Infernal Orcs have immense strength and speed, their pyromanic nature threatens the existence of the Orctagon. They are able to create scortching flames that burn everything to ash.

Kingdom of Hellfire, Lower Realms

Elemental Control – Flames




The Elder Sage

Protecters of Akar, The Mystical Tree. They are often seen wearing an evergreen wreath crown and have a strong affinity with spirits.

After receiving sacred knowledge of healing abilities, they achieved the secrets of immortality.

The ruler of the spirit orcs is Yggruz, The Elder Sage. He is a dignifed and reserved individual with great foresight. His healing abilities is incomparable across the Orctagon.


The spirit orcs are a peacful and gentle race. They live deep in isolation and can make contracts with spirits to aid them in their duties to protect Akar.

Evergreen Garden, The Great Forest

Essence of The World Tree, Healing & Foresight




The Noble Assassin

The shadow orcs are a misunderstood race that was wrongfully exiled after being stereotyped for meddling with the dark arts.

While it is true that their powers are heightened in the darkness, it doesn’t mean they are evil. Rather, they are just another side of the same coin.

The Ruler of the shadow orcs is Sable, the Noble Assassin. His servants are dispatched across the realms and are his eyes and ears. His sources for information is second to none.


The Shadow Orcs are assassins of the night. They are distinguished from all other orcs by their dark skin and are the stealthiest & fastest race in the Cardanorc realm. They have heightened senses and the ability to blend into the shadows to hide their presence. Elite shadow orcs can even materialize black spikes from the shadows to pierce the vitals of their opponents with absolute precision.

Tartarus, Valley of Darkness

Stealth & Shadow Manipulation




The Acsended Master

Primordial Orcs have existed for millennia since the beginning of time. They are an evolved race of orcs and are hidden in a shroud of mystery.

It is believed that they have surpassed beyond the limits of existence and possess celestial abilities.

The ruler of the primordial orcs is Asura, The Ascended Master and is regarded by all the races as a legendary deity. 


Primordial orcs are fundamentally different from the other races. Physiologically, they require neither sleep nor nurishments to survive because of their connection to the brilliant fragment of the most high. They are inherently stronger, faster, and more agile than the other races and excercise near limitless power and authority.

The Secret Place of The Most High

Transcendence & Absolute Authority




The Mutant

Undead Orcs inherited an ancient disease which caused them to mutate into a deathly existence.

They are a corrupted race of parasitic orcs that are neither living nor completely dead with abilities to infect and control their prey.

The ruler of the undead orcs is Zugnor, The Mutant, whose purpose of existence is to bring death upon the world.


Undead orcs are wicked beings who live to devour all life and corrupt the world. They are able to secrete an extremely concentrated toxin from their body. This toxin decays all life upon contact. They also have the ability to control the dead using their parasites.

Abyss of The Undead

Toxic Release & Corruption